As a consultant, I offer those in the hospitality, brewing and corporate worlds, solutions for your good beer needs; company events (ranging from staff education to festivals), start-up consultation, international sales, infrastructure build-out, coordination with pre-existing industry services, bespoke beer menu development, speeches and appearances, promotion (see media), and so much more.

Download Nitch's CV/Resume here or contact for inquiries. 


City tours to education services to intimate tastings and food-pairing sessions, my events calendar is up to date with beer-focused gastronomic and cultural experiences for you, your company and your reluctant friend too.

Looking to host an event?  I offer planning and management with itineraries that are created top-down or coordinated with other providers. 

Educational services available for palate training, menu enhancement, brewing, history and culture.  Courses are presented both on-site and remotely in English or French.



Media production focused on web and video content.  Social media and brand management is coordinated across various complementary platforms by identifying core strengths of each platform and specifically targeting outreach instead of saturating media channels to avoid over-exposure, fatigue and message mismatch. 

Major presence includes YouTube channel with strong adhesion and participation, curated Snapchat stories, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and livestreaming on nascent platforms.