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Theses are the latest reports on the malt beverage industry compiled on January 7th.

I’m Nitch with a selection of highlights from around the world, coming up : we take a look at who is running around doing collaborations with whom and who are giving up positions on the turf war that is set to rage in 2017; there’s a group of dudes reviving old brewing traditions in France and a pussy riot set for January 20th in Denver Colorado; and the latest episode of Slate Money podcast has a question to ask, "what's ground zero for awesome beer?" BUT FIRST!

Wait minute... THATS the guy who sang that son?!?  I never knew what he looked like. Well, now he is making a beer, a fruity pilsner lager in fact and get this, he’s doing it with Mikkeller

Never Giving Up!

The Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille brew their own beer, France's only truly monastic beer

The Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille brew their own beer, France's only truly monastic beer

Speaking of never giving up or deserting people, It’s nice when we can see new beer movement helping to maintain traditions.  Like, this 200-year-old pub in Brighton which will now remain open after being taken over by a local brewery or these French monks who, from their 1,300 year old monastery, are reviving a brewing tradition.  Doing so with the help passionate beer lovers and an every day brew kit. 


Except for sometimes...

At the same time, sudden good byes can feel as if our feel good beer brands have given up on us. 

BrewDog's Grey’s Inn bar and bottle shop, in a few quick messages to the public, closed last weekjust a short while after renovating.  The announcement was made and then all social media accounts removed from the inter webs. With the Columbus Ohio brewery site slated to open of September this year, and a solid commitment to making quality beer, rather or not they give warning shots, BrewDog’s nimble movements make them able to do what’s best for them and their brand. 

Photo : Tasting Nitch Discord

Photo : Tasting Nitch Discord

The High End Division

In the 2017 market, you’ve got be self aware!  Texas-based Karbach Brewing Co. knew they had hit the ceiling of their growth capabilities with their German-style Lagers and well loved IPAs.  They needed a hand.

“we have maxed out our growth potential on our own, and a partnership with The High End division will open doors to keep innovating and experimenting with our unique styles and continue to expand” - Karbach's Facebook page

With help from ABI’s High End Division, they surely will expand.

Exciting news.

The 2017 Turf War

Over at MarketWatch, the ever charming and knowledgeable Jason Notte wants to remind people that 2017’s craft beer turf war is gonna :

“be less about breweries being bought and more about breweries claiming space for their local brands” — Jason Notte MarketWatch

Locals brands are going to be the ones to suffer over in Australia as last week in an unprecedented step backwards for independent breweries.  The ALH Group (Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group) who have more than 300 pubs across the country, sold their taps to CUB and Lion Nathan.

I make the point of saying independent breweries will be effected because wholesome craft brands like Little Creatures, White Rabbit, Matilda Bay and James Squire are part of the CUB portfolio.  Keep in mind as well that CUB was one of the <many> large-scale companies that ABI acquired with it’s SABMiller Merger.  Australians may be seeing some of ABI’s other High End Division beers in the coming years! 

Keep in mind that these craft brands are doing good things to introduce a larger audience to the possibility of beer having variety, and not only in the hipster sense.  The AHL bars are heavens for your ‘average’ drinker and from what I’ve seen these this tap contacts don’t appear to 100% exclusive but they will SURELY make it more difficult for small scale operations to get a tap line.

What we’re seeing is the expansion of a trend, mass lagers may be slowly pushed out the market, and that’s nice but the people who were making money from those mass lagers are going to continue to profit.   And they’re going to do so without you even knowing it.


True craft movement, as in independent, authentic, and good beer are not going anywhere! 

Do you like any of these breweries? If you’re within airline distance of London in Sept then YOU'RE IN LUCK!  THE BEAVERTOWN EXTRAVAGANZA released it's brewery list this week! £55, it’s in September and I’m going. Let’s celebrate the good stuff!

Beer is about cheersing.  And also about being liberal.  

Not really!  But, the liberal side of beer world continues to express their political views through, you guessed it, pussy rioting.  A group of ladies have got together in Denver colorado to brew an imperial saison at five breweries throughout the city.  Then on January 20th for the inauguration of President elect Donald Trump, all five breweries will tap the beer, and donate a portion of the proceeds to local charities.

"What's ground zero for awesome beer?" 

During Slate Money’s Episode No. 138 podcast, Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery co-founder, Dan Kenary, Harpoon Brewery co-founder, Rob Burns, Night Shift Brewing co-founder had this answer :

"Traditionally ground zero's been Portland, Oregon; Ashville North Carolina; California; Seattle."
"Follow the socialists."

 Which leads me to a nice take away question: what's the best “red state” beer city?

Where can a good ol converstaive beer lover find a place to rest their freedom loving laurels in the good ol u s of a. Let me know win the comments below!

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