This is Pokémon Paris


You know it is. You've seen them. Solo or in small groups constantly walking with their eyes to their phones as if navigating an unseen world.

That's because they are basically doing just that. WELCOME TO THE UNSEEN WORLD OF POKEMON!

You'll be bored in a matter of weeks so if you haven't already downloaded the free app then go ahead and do it. It's bringing people together and setting a bench mark for creativity in augmented reality. 

Game play itself is shit. Graphics are crap. Design is zero. Audio is laughable. General in game motivation for Pokemon Go is also completely lost on me. WHAT IS THE POINT? 

Oh right.. gotta catch em all...

Augmented reality is just dawning it's beautiful light on humanity which excites me to see, but also sets a low bar for what can be done from here. Can someone now please make ANYTHING that is better than the poorly put together Pokemon Go? Because we have our running shoes on, our backpacks filled with water and battery chargers, we are ready. 

You're not worthy Pokemon Go. Not worthy of the pokemon game skin Niantic Labs threw over it's old game Ingress. Pokemon Company should've added more depth before allowing the game to be unleashed upon the nostalgia loving masses so at least, AT LEAST there would be a reason for madness. 

For the moment it is just that. Madness. The man who found all the pokemon in the United States is being flown around by a magazine company to Australia, Japan and Europe to catch the last few missing ones. He could've just downloaded the hack that allows players to move the in game avatar without having to move their bodies but that wouldn't be any fun would it.