Dipping doughnuts in beer


Food stuff like this should be on your body

What the deal with the doughnuts? 

They're amazing. 

At roughly 4€ a doughnut, BoneShaker's American style yeast doughnuts beat out that cirtus tarte you were thinking about getting for gourmandise. Careful. They may look compact but these beauties may be in your lap while you're stuffing them in your face. Happened to me, my phone is sticky.

These are American doughnuts. American yeast doughnuts. I haven't made doughnuts enough to know which is harder to make yeast doughnuts or cake doughnuts but I will say that Americans put nutmeg in their doughnuts and use lower gluten flour which means these are less dense than British doughnuts but have much more spice. By spice I mean flavour. 

And we haven't even talked about the glazes, topping and occasional sparkler that comes with one of Amanda Smith's home made creations.

Do you write donuts? I usually write donut because it's shorter and I'm lazy but since BoneShaker wants it to be doughnut I guess we can give into a few extra letters, but only because they deserve it. We all say it the same!

Amanda Scott, her husband and that handsome young chap there heading down the stairs are the faces of BoneShaker. An American-Irish-French culinary dream team, putting love and talent into what is sure to be a bigger hit in Paris than cupcakes.

What happened to the cupcake craze? They were always too pretty to eat. Doughnuts are pretty, and substantial; a bed of creativity and tasting delight!

Take that box of delight in two directions :

Cross the street Hoppy Corner for a beer to dip your doughnut in. I would recommend a stout beer preferably with the coconut lime BoneShaker doughnut. The higher alcohol content of the stout will balance out the butter of the pastry, the roasted notes will compliment the baked edges, and the vanilla of the beer will top off the tropical mouth dance.

You haven't lived until you've dunked a BoneShaker in a Fanø Vadehavs 6.0° Oyster stout.

Or you and your doughnut covered face can bask in the fresh green wall of foliage installed and living right next BoneShaker. Sunshine, ample seating, people watching and plant oxygenated air!

If this triangle location isn't heaven in Paris, then I don't what is. 

That caramel corn topped beauty there was my favorite of the bunch. It surprised me. You'd think the Bastille Day sparkler would've been the kicker for me, childish as I am adding candles to things usually does it for me, but to be frank I had no idea how I was going to get that caramel corn nugget in my mouth without deconstructing the mound. I thought of how cupcakes made me feel — a heathen bitting into the sugary hair piece of Marie Antoinette. 

In approximately five crunchy, doughy, sweet and salted bites I'd got (nearly all) of the doughnut and caramel corn in, chewed and swallowed. Surprising was that the raspberry glazed doughnut was more messy and that I was able to get the perfect balance of topping and dough goodness sin each bite. These are not cupcakes — these are a pastry revolution!

Filling little suckers though, I had two and was ready for a walk and a coffee. Lucky for us Lockwood is a whole half block down. Waddle, waddle, and a few finger licks. Coffee Time!

Want to know more about BoneShaker and the good things happening for your face hole in Paris? Dig into the Paris Paysanne's podcast interview with Amanda Scott to hear about her savoury doughnut creation the 'croque-nut'. (croque monsieur + doughnut = genius)

Find BoneShaker, Hoppy Corner, Lockwood and the Green Wall 


BoneShaker is most active on their Instagram : connect with them here.

ADDRESS : 77 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris, France

PHONE: 01 45 08 84 02

HOURS : 12H - 15H Sunday, Closed Monday, Open 10H - 17H All the other days

Hoppy Corner is most active on their Facebook : connect with them here.

ADDRESS : 34 Rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002 Paris, France

PHONE : 09 83 06 90 39

HOURS : 17H - 24H Monday and Tuesday, 17H - 2H Wednesday - Friday, 14H - 2H Saturday, Closed Sunday

Lockwood you can find for yourself. Do I have to do everything for you?!? It's right THERE! Down the street from the rest of em.