Southern Food In Paris

Fried Chicken And Waffles

Gumbo Yaya

You want to know the best places to eat Paris are? 

Sure, you can be enlightened by haut cuisine, or lounge in the smoke and insults of a cafe terrace but when you're done living the Hollywood Parisian experience, come do what we do and chicken - everyday.

Gumbo Yaya is the only place in the city where you can sit down to a full plate of irrational goodness. We're talking crunchy fried chicken skin, cajun seasoning, maple syrup and dashes of hot sauce!

Ask any chef and they'll tell you that French cooking is attention the delicate nuances of fresh and simple ingredients. Usually no more than five ingredients, a fearless love of cream and butter and absolutely NO over powering flavors.

That's why Gumbo Yaya is heaven. Take all the things French chefs say not do and stick them all in your mouth at the same time. Heck, why not wash it down with some ginger beer or light lager? The idea has had my foodies friends and I buzzing for weeks, "Do you DARE go without me!"

There was a hush over the table when the plates finally arrived.

Bring on the chicken and waffles!

We put down the silverware, licking fingers and giggling as we passed bottles of whipped mayo and high fructose corn syrup to douse our perfectly tender chicken. Crunchy! Sweet! Savory! 

How does one eat a 'burger' consisting of fried chicken breast, cole slaw and melted cheddar cheese between two waffles halves?

With yo haaaands!

"It's the only place to get real Southern food in Paris." Our Floridian friend says she comes every couple weeks. And that, although there are a few other soul food restaurants, Gumbo Yaya is the best. Not only for the food, but the service is honest and attentive, r&b slow jams keep heads bobbing and everyone is smiling ear to ear.

Made from scratch at order, plates may take longer to get in front of you than you want with mouth watering sugar and oil wafting about, but seeing as how there is no delivery service and no table reservation, the last thing you would want to do it upset the cook.

Remember to check online for opening hours and please don't sit too long and hold up the line because we are waiting outside to fill our bellies with soul food too!