Paris's First NEW AGE Beer Bar | La Fine Mousse

Considering that beer bars have been around Paris before the Revolution (going further back to the Gauls before France was a country even), it wouldn't be fair to say that La Fine Mousse is the first beer dedicated bar in Paris as it is often claimed to be. What it is, is the first bar in Paris dedicated to the revival of crafters and artisans in the brewing sector. 

20 taps, a custom made bar and a knowledgeable staff, La Fine Mousse (The Fine Head), is still the best place in Paris to find unique and well cared for beers from around the world. Beers that cant be found anywhere else in Paris alongside staples of the local beer scene. 

If you want to get the most out of the location then go on a weekday, preferably close to opening, to avoid the post work rush or weekend crowds. Upon entering the bar, you are immediatly presented with three things : the hand drawn tap list, the point of sale line, and a concret barrier that serves at the bar top. During peak hours there is a fourth thing : bodies. 

Due to the strange design of the bar, most of the menu reading, ordering, and payment has to be done in the four foot space between the open front door and the bar. Compound that quark with the confliciting seating options : spacious lounge seating or awkward height elbow resting places. 

The bathrooms have recently been upgraded an split into two, one for men and one for women, but when the beer moves to the bladder gender signs are readily ignored. 

Thankfully La Fine Mousse has also taken to changing out the flooring material behind the bar so that funky, sweaty feet and warm mold musk once pervaded over the air is now gone! Although body masses on the weekend can turn the atmosphere thick unless the front panels doors are opened. 

As a tourist in Paris, La Fine Mousse is not be missed for beer lovers, the attention they give to each beer pour is unequivicated. The French touch is applied to all aspects of the service, from the cleaning of the glassware right down to the chirpy, concise beer tenders. 

Expect to find a mix of locals, French and Expat, along with international tourists and beer aficionados. On a busy night, French Beer Geeks will roll in to try the newest brews, tag their Untappd and quickly head out to one of the their usual places, but are known to hang out for a few for special events or when the mass has thinned out. 

Personally, the seating arrangements of La Fine Mousse keep me from staying for too long, along with the loss of my favorite beer tender Michelle to the corporate world. I love the staff and owners of the bar, but there is something about having a smart, beer-centric, and relatable female to speak English with that I miss. 

If hanging out with the staff and crowd isn't what you're looking for in your Paris beer tour, then hop across the street for a slightly more intimate setting with La Fine Mousse Restaurent. 

From high end dining to well done traditional French cuisine, the restaurent is busy on most nights with events ranging from Mexican street food to specialiy keg tapping.

For those of you seeking even more exclusivity, the 'cave' or basement of the restaurent has recently been rennovated as an event space. Check out their website for booking details!

I recently attended a birthday down there, and although small, the projector and tempting (behind the glass) view of the high end bottle selection make La Fine Mousse cave intimate and awesome.

From beginning to now, Paris's first speciality beer bar is pioneering the beer scene with dediated beer edocate and inspiring new generations of beer lovers around the city. Rather it's for elbow rubbing in the bar, hand holding in the restaurent or secret parties in the basement, La Fine Mousse remains a stable of the city's beer scene. 


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