American themed store in Paris | Deli Drop

You may not know this but French people LOVE American culture. 

Having spent over 30€ for a box of twinkies on ebay, I have a French friend who often speaks about his dream of sampling iconic American fast food dishes like the Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme. What kind of a friend would I be if I told him that his dream disgusts me to the core? That eating culture in American is one of the reasons why I've been drawn away from my place of birth, and although I long for proper tex mex nachos, or a good ol' BLT on sliced bread, I'll never be able to accept that American junk food was once a staple of my caloric intake. 

Fight it as I may, there are some places in Paris that are capitalizing on the American junk food image and have brought to the city of lights all kinds of useless American flare. 


Located in the slowly gentrifying 75018 arrondissement, Deli Drop is an American concept shop on a strip of fresh new community spaces, and cafes recently turned over to commercial area by the city.

French kids rush in after school to buy the newest stock of Harry Potter gross falvor jelly beans, but otherwise the shop is rather calm, with the sweet American shop owner readily holding up the check out line to 'talk American' with patrons.

steep prices may cause some eye bulging

I can't help but get an eery sense of being mocked when I look at the wall of pickles and Cambell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. Is this America? There haven't been any moment of my daily Parisian life in which I've longed for any of these items. I don't remember paying that much for Capitan Crunch, but then again, it must have been my mother who did the purchasing at the time. In any case, the Deli Drop space is welcoming and sweet even if the steep prices may cause some eye bulging. American mystery meat hotdogs are made to order, there is beautiful terrace out front for sun lounging and naturally, beer. 

OH YES! The beer!

Same mass produce beer, trendy labels, support the store but forgive the beer.

Deli Drop has been taken under wing by the Brooklyn Brewery group, which mean they sport the Brooklyn Brand, a few Anchor steam beers but that they also been sold on a unique diy beer that has recently become popular. The three beers in the photo above are Deli Drop Beers : they've been contract brewed and the labels have been created by the store. These particuclar labels were done by affiliates of the Brooklyn Brewery promotional group, they are fun and artistic, eye catching and cool. Unfortunately the beer inside is shit. 

I try not to say mean things about beer I don't like, but this contract beer trend I've been seeing around the city is gross, I don't support it even though I understand the appeal. Stores buy cheap beer and get to put their own mark on it, an easy sell.

From my point of view, it lacks creativity in the aspect that matters : THE BEER. 

There are a bunch of interesting locations along the esplanade that are worth checking out, including Bob's Bake Shop, a co-working space, a SuperProf and a Bibliothèque, so while you are experiencing the line walk between ghetto Paris and hip Paris, stop into Deli Drop to support our American sister. Buy some Hubba Bubba watermelon chewing gum, because you can't get that anywhere else in Paris; put your feet up in the sun and order an Anchor Steam. I suggest avoiding the store brand beer, but hey, you've a right to #beerselfie with whatever takes your fancy. Maybe you'll even like it!

Deli Drop is a genuine American novelty store in a lovely area that is rich with kitsch. Catch it before it's over run with tourists (like us).