La P'tite Mousse of Pigalle

Snatching the title of newcomer from La Binouze, Paris's beautiful craft beer scene welcome's La P'tite Mousse into the family with what may be this year's best beer logo.

Located not far from it's older sibling, 'The Little Mousse' has no relation to La Fine Mousse, but when asked, the owner said it was a name that struck him as "mignon" (cute). 

29 Rue de Douai, 75009 PARIS

On s'éclate à La P'tite Mousse !

On s'éclate à La P'tite Mousse !

And, mignon she is! The little shop comes with a nice wall of beers, two big fridges, a small bar space for playing Uno with the owner (pictured left), and two tables for eating and drinking. If you haven't caught on yet, this is another version of`A La Bière Comme A La Bière. A cave a bière, as it's called in France, has a different type of license from a typical bar, which requires the patrons to consume food while drinking thusly rendering the transaction one of a "degustation" (tasting) instead of a outright drinking. Although none of the beer shops follow the rule, there are time when the regulators stop by so be ready respectfully try to have a bit of cheese, bread or chips on hand. La P'tite Mousse is exception to the standard, the sign offering planches of cheese and meat to accompany your beer(s) was, at the time of my presence, lacking in availability. Outside food welcomed! The owner encouraged, so I popped around the corner to my favorite Pigalle épicerie Pratz for aged goat cheese, mimolette, and a bit of the ol' creamed asparagus and black truffle spread.  

P'tit Mousse is supplied by a local cheese monger. 

Aside from it's newly opened kinks and dorm room feel, La P'tite Mousse boasts a hardcore audio ambiance with a playlist featuring Nirvana, Metallica and Silverchair, accompanied by a friendly and helpful pony tailed shop owner. All together, space was easy for me to relax into, and after catching the wifi code, I ended up sitting for nearly two hours. As I worked on my Paris Beer Week event, the occasional headband was required between sips of the new Distrikt brewery release. 

A steady flow of clientel popped in for take away beers, pausing the owner's Uno game, but never packing the store.


Tues-Fri 11:00am - 8:00pm

Sat 11:00am - 10:00pm

Don't expect the best selection in town, but prices are fair, the ambiance is cool as fuck, and the simplicity of the space is endearing.

This may be my new favorite beer geek work space in Paris 💻💅🍺

See which beers I sampled at La P'tite Mousse on  my Untappd channel!

See which beers I sampled at La P'tite Mousse on my Untappd channel!

There are literally new beer locations popping up around ever corner in Pigalle! But, if you aren't looking for take away beer and would like a more visually simulating location, check out some these nearby beer friendly 75009 locations  :

Not only an affordable modern hotel owned by the famous bar team from Experimental Cocktail Club, but Grand Pigalle also has a fantastic lobby bar that serves small plates, wine, cocktails and, craft beer. Not a huge selection mind you, but two different bottles of local brews. They don't rent by the hour!

New Orleans inspired Lulu White always has a few bottles of acceptable beer behind the bar, and even has a beer cocktail on their beautiful rotating menu, but don't miss out on their expertly curated list of absinthe. Or, try a slushy, because it's sunny outside and they are clouds of frosty heaven. 

On tap at Glass, craft beer is on constant flow, but ask for their bottle selection as well, seeing how they change it often, the bar staff are happy to help. This place is open super late and has a killer Sunday Industry Night, so beer your way to the mini dance floor because it lights up.

Know of anything else in 75009 that is rocking good beer? Don't hesitate to comment below or drop me an email

Always #tastingnitch if you find something you think I should check out, and cheers to whatever it is your are sipping on today!