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I’m Nitch with a selection of highlights from the second week of December

TheTicker wants to know if Local Malt is The Next Big Trend For Breweries? - YES, that and playing Wu-Tan Clan to your glow in the dark yeast.

Brewers do strange things in the name of culinary science

Even though using music to alter or enhance the flavor of alcohol isn’t entirely new, it’s still a relatively young trend. In Kentucky, there’s a distiller who fermented brandy with subwoofers pumping David Bowie hits; an Austrian winemaker did the same with classical music, we had that story a few weeks ago about that Kiwi brewer who swears play music to his yeast reduces wastage. But so far, Wu-Tan Clan are the most used musical group when it comes to lulling beer.

With Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia having looped Wu-Tang for six weeks to ferment a golden saison they named, Ain’t Nothing to Funk With and now Fortnight Brewing in Cary, North Carolina.

Fortnight Brewing played Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)—at 130 decibels for eight hours straight every day for 12 days to turn their tangy IPA Bring da Saucer into more bitter, less floral, less sweet brew called Bring da Ruckus.

“The lab showed that there was a distinct chemical difference between the two, even though it’s got the same ingredients, the only difference was the sound.”

Why stop at sound?

Last week we talked about Open Discovery Institute, with the founder who gave himself a fecal transplant, and their DIY kit for glow-in-the-dark yeast.

Unfortunately it seems that a Wu-Tan Clan beer that glows in the dark may not be in the near future as the FDAs given “the next craft sensation” a big fat disapproval stamp.

Josiah Zayner won’t take the set back sitting down is teaming up with a brewery The Inoculum Ale House out of Tampa, Florida to sell glow-in-the-dark beers. They will persevere with glow-in-the-dark beers until they get approval from the FDA, said the team.

The UK Black Market for Beer

A court in Hof, Bavaria on Wednesday condemned three men to jail sentences ranging between two to three years for avoiding British beer taxes by pretending they were selling the beer in northern Bavaria, which was confusing because as the judge pointed out during her ruling, there is no other place on earth that has such a concentration of breweries.

This is what they did : 80 trucks arrive in Bavaria each week, all loaded with foreign beer and a German tax rate was paid accordingly. The final destination was not Germany at all! Once smuggled into Britain the beer was off'd on the black market for a tidy profit.

My question here is, The black market for beer in the UK is where? And, how does one get involved in such a thing?

Have I mentioned Asia’s ‘thriving’ craft beer scene before?

Photo :

Photo :

This piece from CNN (of all outlets) outlines some interesting brews from Hong Kong’s 5th annual Beertopia festival.

Hong Kong Bastard was awarded "Best IPA" which, and I kid you not, had heavy metal music played to it every day during fermentation. 

"I played heavy metal music to the beer every day." — Luke Yardley, Yardley Brothers Beer

Keep an eye on Young Master Ales which won four of the nine beer categories at the Hong Kong Beer Championship on its way to earning "Best Brewery" honors.

Hutong Clan CDA created in collaboration with Oregon's Boneyard Beer and Jing-A Brewing Co.

Hutong Clan CDA created in collaboration with Oregon's Boneyard Beer and Jing-A Brewing Co.

What’s happening in the greater (more money infused) global beer scene?

Carlsberg lager's new design that they hope will increase the beer’s appeal amongst influential millennials. They’ve also apparently roped in Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, to ONCE AGAIN flirt with ladies in a campaign to reinvigorate Carlsberg’s image.


Remember that alcohol-free Budweiser Prohibition Brew the debuted in Canada in May? Well look forward to more of that! As ABInBev has debuted a series of new initiatives to encourage smart drinking, including plans to push no-AND-low alcohol beer products in at least 20 percent of its global beer volume by 2025.

The “Global Smart Drinking Goals” initiative will first roll out in Columbus, Ohio.  That’s right, the area where BrewDog is trying to expand into will be part of a billion dollar movement by the King of Beers to encourage drinkers to change their habits for the betterment of themselves and the world.

Asahi to Pay $7.8 Billion for AB InBev Beer Brands in Eastern Europe

More genetics talks as well as Meantime Brewery (Asahi owned) is offering tailed DNA beer for a lot of money and not much sense. Genetics company 23andMe takes a saliva sample and test for hereditary variations in oral taste receptors and this data is given to Meantime to begin mapping each beer’s unique flavour profiles.

Customers have one-to-one consultations with the Meantime headbrewr to then the style of brew, (counterintuitive to have a tailer made beer) 

Following up on the 55 picketing maintenance workers that boomed into a 10,000 + person protest and four month long boycott of Carlton United Brewers products through out Australia has come to an end. AT LAST! The workers have been invited to return to work in their previous positions on union terms and conditions. Which is all fine and lovely but I think the boycott should continue on anyway.


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