What the F happened to the hops?!

I'm out at one of my local favorite spots, scooping up their wifi signal and swaying to the sweet jams like a single geeky lady does on a weekday evening when I came across this beast:

I admit that I come to this place more because I like the people, decor and extremely fresh cocktail line up than because of the beer selection. So, for the time being, I will leave the location un named. I'm chocking down the beer as we speak and wishing I had stuck to a commercial grade Guinness.

YardBird Pale Ale

has possibly crossed many seas to be chilled in the cooler of my local favorite bar. I make this assumption because the "hoppy finish" it smirks about on the label finishes like a regrettable morning after mouthfeel. Greene King has a closer relationship with Corona than Cascade.

It makes me wish I had

one of these candies

in my pocket! Too bad I can't get these beauties in France just yet. 


 recently took matter's into the kitchen and gathered up ingredients for a do it yourself :

Play with your beer


Any of you other crafty beer people got hop candy recipes? Lets compare notes!

But then you may be wondering :

what the hell are hops, anyway


And if you have to ask that question then you aren't ready for the

BJCP's 2014 style guideline

update- like me.

Get on my skunked beer hating, home making, beer geeking level yo.