Drink before the death of all (hops)


Sitting back with De Molen's Pale Ale Citra while brushing up on the who's who and which are alive or dead in Westeros and I noticed this:


A bottled on date vs a drink before date

Trend in American (from what I've seen) is to put drink before dates on things that have higher hops so the brewer can advise the consumer as to how much time they have left to enjoy their hops to the fullest before their beauty begins to fade. Aka killed by time.

Personally, I like the drink before initiative.

Mostly because I like to get all panicky and say things like, "oh no! Oh my dear! We are just going to have to drink this one here, right away! Near the expiration date, it is." In an English accent - because I've been watching too much tv.