Mout & Mocca will you marry me? Non, peut-être

De Molen, the Amsterdam based brewery, may have the keys to my beer beating heart! They consistently rock out liquids that are unique and well balanced with great flavor profiles and beer geeky labels. I like that I the inside is clearly written out in simple black text : EBC, EBU, Plato, ABV, Bottle date and ingredients. What more could a single girl ask for?

Mout & Mocca



DSC_0122Notes of chocolate, dried red fruits, raisin and fig with a toasted caramel coating on the mouth and just a hint of boozy-ness, just the way I like it. My man Greg says that Mout & Mocca maybe be a 10/10, guys while Dr. Beer gives it a 3.4/5.

Personally, if this beer asked me to marry it. I'd look it right in it's bubbly head and say :

Non, peut-être

Non, maybe. Typical independent woman style answer. The best you can ask for honestly when dealing with a flagrant beer slut such as myself. I couldn't really be faithful to one brew, now could I?



DSC_0108Non, peut-être is a new beer from Belgium! American hops give off sweet candied orange scents over a caramel and banana bread spiced yeast. Sugary and slightly bitter on the finish, my friend Tuesday says it tastes like what the sky looks like :


What beer would you marry? Rules are: gay marriage is accepted, polygamy is not. Go!