After work beer review- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

What to drink after work?

Nitch's got you covered with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale video review.

I finished working at the pub and, although I usually go for a Brooklyn IPA because the hops will blast through all the vodka shots I've been taking all night, I picked up a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and was delightfully surprised by how enjoyable it was. Simple, crisp, clean and not mass produced muck I had thought it was.

urlSomething about Sierra Nevada had me thinking that the company had sold to one of the big macro brew companies, thusly landing itself on my "it's fine but I don't want to give my money to the man" list.

After some net searching I found I was completely fucking wrong (nothing new there) and was thinking out my ass.

If anyone knows WHY I would have thought that (something in the news?) please let me know.

Sierra Nevada might be a staple of normality where you come from, but we are one of the only bars on the block that sells it (for some strange reason) and I recently got around to drinking a bottle. My first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in decades.



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