Black Bear Beer

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A Morning Beer Review!

Black Bear Beer


Which, as I have mentioned here, is my current favorite French craft beer for a number of reasons. Not only does the style tickle my fancy being a heavily chocolate-malted black IPA but it packs a boozy punch at 10.5% ABV. I love mingling around a bar with a glass full of deathly looking brew and Black Bear Beer delivers on more than just aesthetics. There is love in that bottle, you can tell that someone labored over that beer to get the right balance of roasted malt to hop ratio. An entirely smooth drink that goes great with hardy beef dishes, chocolate desserts and tangy bold cheeses.

Alas, much like my first Brasserie de Fleurac review, I got myself a beer that wasn't ready for the reviewing.

Good morning Nitch, go fuck yourself.

That is what I get for drinking in the morning- the universe is trying to tell me something.

'Try another beer'

I've emailed Greg at Brasserie de Fleurac but am still waiting for a response. Hopefully he hears my cries for help and sets me up with some of their beer that I will REALLY be able to show off because hey deserve some positive attention. And so does my mouth. I'm tired of drinking malted wines.

Enjoy the disaster that is

Tasting Nitch

Morning Beer Review

Black Bear Beer

And if you know of any really good Quadruple Black Ipas- do tell, because that's ma new thing and I found a website that can ship me stuff!