Tasting Location- Bières Cultes in Cardinal

Paris, France delivering another boutique beer location, this one with a tasting station and custom sampling classes- Bières Cultes in the 5th district, Cardinal.

With Brewberry being closed during regularly scheduled hours, I was off to find wifi so I could boo hoo on your shoulder when I walked past this joint:

[caption id="attachment_1741" align="aligncenter" width="516"]877f18c4b4bfb84104868408969a03fd Bières Cultes Pic from Foodavenue.fr[/caption]

Hellllooo "work research"!

I love the beer business

No camera on hand today and, of course, your truly doesn't have a phone at all, let one with a fancy smancy camera attached. So you get net pictures and built in macbook photos.  And I get to be the crazy lady holding beers up to her monitor.


With four locations in Paris Bières Cultes is one of the craft beer heavy hitters at the moment and, although my store attendant wasn't the greatest, seeing shelves lined with beet bottles is a delight.

Xavier (store owner) working attendant has no sense of urgency (it's a French thing) and not a huge desire to pry into one's beer thoughts, but is a super chill dude with many beer answers who also happens to be a master gamer with sweet xbox skills.

There is a nice rounded selection of beers from around the world, including some French (Craig Allen) and a few American (Sierra Nevada). All the big hitters you'd imagine to be there (the Trappists, Brewdog, Chouffe), are in their place as well as the more commercial brews like Leffe, Pietra and Chimay (all available at the super market).


mySuperLamePic_7601d8d9982b0e97303dced39768814c mySuperLamePic_20d262eb89039ea4d9ca22d812a34ffb


6. Multiple locations throughout Paris- accessibility is half the battle.

5. Free limitless wifi- for bloggin, tweeting and general anti-social activities

4. Groovy juke music- via store ipod and junky speakers in the back, I dig. I bet if I asked to play somethin, I'd be welcomed.

3. Outdoor seating area with four plastic chairs- for smokers I assume but still a nice little area for good weather appreciation or exploding bottle openings

2. Xbox with television- wasn't in use, but it's right behind the bar, ready to go so Xavier can show you his masterful gaming skills*.

1. Classes- Most inportantly is education! Shop manager Xavier says that if you give him a call, then we can put together a customized class for you and yours. Price is for the beer- education is free. W00t!

-1. they close at 9- they aren't an effing bar people so calm down. These guys close pretty early-beware, check the website.

[caption id="attachment_1740" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Bar area of 4 month old Cardinal location Bières Cultes- Bar area of 4 month old Cardinal location[/caption]


It ain't no Cave à bulles but it's a step in the right direction! Bières Cultes is a great beer geeking outlet.

Lets us see about getting one of these classes put together and... a young attractive male with a unicycle (of all strange things) just walked in... he went right to his beer of choice- Gulden Draak

.... oh Parisians, how I love thee.

270-gulden-draakThanx for giving my place to rest my lappy, Bières Cultes, and rest my metro tired heels while I enjoy your crafty selection and dig on the groove. Thumbs up for beer!


 *master gamer status yet to be varified