Triptych Beer Snob

Kickstarter funded Savoy, Illonois brewery Triptych asked it's beer lovers to make a 30 second ad showcasing their down to earth, local loving style.

Beware the Triptych Beer Snob!

I've seen people like that.

Lets be honest, I've been people like that. And if you are reading a beer blog, then you have as well. Space beer would be something Nitch would ramble about to a random beer bellied man at a pub. The price of a beer is important as well. Take a look at Mikkeller's list of high price one time only brews contesting the Bruery in hoarding temptation. There is nothing wrong with being a beer snob! The term is likely to have been confused over the years, as it should have been beer enthusiast. The French are cheese snobs, not because they are assholes, but because they are usually surrounded by high quality cheese. The local grocery store sells better quality items then most Americans can get the special order department of Whole Foods. At some point in history the cold lager swillers took at look at the intelligent craft beer loving geek at the bar, rambling about Dog Fish head's new Midas Touch, a beer brewed from remnants of material found in a 2,700 year old drinking urn and decided, "that guy is a snob." We got tagged by the swillers and haven't had the pride to let go of the negative title. I am a beer snob. I like good beer and I like to talk about crazy beers.

Congrats Triptych for spreading the dislike of intelligence and informative people. Boo.