F*cking Political Commercials + World Beer News

Beer in politics. Rather or not you want to make a statement with your beer, announce you beer company’s political affiliations or prefer to keep beer about beer, it’s difficult to not be effected by the recent political climate. It’s literally TOO tempting for big beer companies to stay out of because when they see a trend, they are REQUIRED to try and catch the wave. if they could find a way to spin Beyonce being pregnant into a beer ad they would - they still might! Models group, these guys here, released this video last week :

The Spanish commercial outlines how Making AMERICA great again would mean wrapping together North, Central and South America — which clearly doesn’t need to be made better because, quote, they already are the best dancers and football players in the world. 

And then Budweiser came in with this idea — how about we try and play both sides?  

They fictionalised the story of Anheuser and Busch by making them pioneering immigrants. Like, hey white folks, you can be an oppressed immigrant too! Which was true, because for the longest time Germans were not welcome in the United States, it wasn’t until after world war 2 that integration with all german speaking schools started to happen and that the movement to wipe out german founded settlements began to subside. Which makes it funny that Busch here on the boat speaks english, he is determined to be ‘american’Americans speak english. So much so that he speaks english with this native brethren Anheuser. 

As an expat, if I meet another American at a bar, i’m not going to speak french with that person — no matter how much I want to open a business and monopolise an entire industry. More over, This commercial gets REAL silly when it shows Busch pointing to a drawing of a bottle in his booklet. Oh… so… you’re a graphic artist, not a brewer. Maybe Anhesuer is supposed to be the brewer. Either way, you know why this Busch character was coming all the way over to American to open his brewery? Not because he clearly already spoke english or had brewing skills but because he liberally stole Budweiser Budvar Brewery, from the Czech republic’s name and branding. 

Nothing from the that ad is true though, so don’t worry about it. I mean, Busch didn’t steal the Budweiser Budvar Brewery

stuff until way after Anhesuer had bought the St. louis brewery from another german. After he married Anhesuer's daughter and toured Europe THEN he came back and started in stealing the idea. 

I’d love to see a commercial about how The Anhesuer-Busch family sold majority stake to InBev in 2008. Just a charming little story of globalising world domination. Soo, sure.  Point here being that ABI wanted to cash in on the political movement without actually pissing anyone off. And Failed.

Maybe more technology could help...

Like this retro henaoid beer and pizza fetching robot made to look like it was constructed from trash. I cannot WAIT until we have an animatronic place class! Brig me beer, drive me places, carry me to my bed! Shut up Tostidos, I’ll order an uber when I’m ready! The bags, which are outfitted with sensors, are able to detect any trace of alcohol on a person’s breath. If no alcohol is found, the bag turns green, as in: you’re fine to drive, you now smell like nacho cheese.


“The future is now."

"Delaware’s most “off-centered” brewery, Dogfish Head has teamed up with Annapolis, Maryland based AC Beverage in order to create a draft system you’ve never seen before. The system is called AeriAle, an innovative nitrogen-based draft system. We’re talking barrel to glass.” --Founder, BeerStreetJournal.com. Stormtrooper.

That position for a beer historian has been filled!

By this chick! Harvard scholar Theresa McCulla, will be taking the newly created role which seeks to expand the Smithsonian’s understanding of that beer has played—and continues to play—in American history.

World Brewery Hunt!

The photo from last week WAS from Isreal, apparently that one was too easy — so here is another one. 

The FIRST and ONLY Craft Beer Brewery in what remote province of the world?

CRAFTY beer ain't never gonna give you up + World Beer News

...who is running around doing collaborations with whom and who are giving up positions on the turf war that is set to rage in 2017; there’s a group of dudes reviving old brewing traditions in France and a pussy riot set for January 20th in Denver Colorado, and the latest episode of Slate Money podcast has a question to ask, "what's ground zero for awesome beer?"

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Humility + Word Beer News

Welcome to the final episode of World Beer News

For 2016! This series strives to highlight important developments, discoveries and trends in the WORLD of beer.  Hi, I'm Nitch, here with your mostly weekly instalment for the last week of Dec!

Coming up we take a look at beer expansion in Australia and Africa, beer shortages in Bermuda, Craft Beer Alliance moves forward with their craft beer porfolio and Craft Beer Cellar founders, back peddle on a lippy internal memo that was leek on Twitter.

But first - check out this video on Bethlehem’s only microbrewery!

Dig this, some of this guy's neighbors thought he was either working some kind of magic or that he is adding liquor to the brew to make it alcoholic. For Houary it’s simple: he brews what he wants to drink 

(note to self, talk about that phrase another time)

CBA partners with Miami brewery for strategy 

Stock in Craft Brew Alliance rose 9% last week as it announced that it would enter into a strategic partnership with Wynwood Brewing Company, a Miami-based craft brewery business, gaining an almost a one-quarter stake ownership. 

Nigerian Recession Recover Plans 

Also looking forward to expanding their beer baseline :

"When I heard of the Nigeria Beer Festival, to be held in September, 2017, I had to muse about it for a while, appreciating the idea. Then suddenly, it dawned on me that it could be turned into a festival tourism product like some countries like Great Britain, Belgium, Canada have done, and are enjoying its attendant benefits.” - Arinze Okamelu

Benefits will be reaped MOSTLY SO by 37% Heineken owned Nigerian Breweries Plc and the countries best selling beer : Star. 

Can I just say that I love how breweries in mature beer markets are struggling, fighting over beer names, there are beer name lawyers! to come up with : Yellow Snow IPA, Golden Shower Imperial Pilsner when places like China (the most selling beer in the world) is just Snow.  Nigeria is just Star.

You’ve got Big Cock IPA, or Polygamy Porter.  They’ve got Legend, an Extra Stout and More Lager

WHICH according to this online news publication was applauded by the Nigerian public during it’s relaunch last August :

The "Do Not Sell" List

There is a difference between being passionate and being preachy which is exactly what happened in last week’s case with The Craft Beer Cellar leaked memo.  These two here, own 27 stores in 13 states across the US of America and they felt it was okay to push their opinion of what makes an AMAZING beer on their franchisees.  

In an internal memo, to all their stores, they described a "Do Not Sell" list because, as they described, 

"We continue to see beer that is not amazing (and in many cases, not fit for consumption) in some of our stores, and we can no longer afford to sacrifice our reputation!"

harsh approach indeed.  And possibly illegal, 

Craft Beer Cellars’ prohibition of its franchisees from carrying certain alcoholic beverage brands could be a violation of the Massachusetts alcoholic beverage inducement provision under 204 CMR 2.08

Not only are these two business owners first but to be passionate about BEER above that is mentality that will reflect in the selection available at the stores.

We already have a bad reputation of being judgemental, annoying, and difficult to please- like this case here with Craft beer Cellar.  First of all - as all home brewers know “unfit for consumption” mean the beer has to be REALLY fucked up, and even then - we go, maybe I’ll just age it a bit or… hey are we guna do anything with that christmas tree?  

Anyway, these Suzanne and Kate of Craft Beer Cellar has back peddled beer nazisim and are now putting together 15 person committee that will meet monlthy, with the aim of keeping the company for looking like jerks and that’s what friends are for.

Massive Malt House In Australia Due 2017

Hops may not be the only thing being exported out of Australia in the near future, a Local refrigeration firm Cold Logic has won a $3.5 million contract to supply and install a refrigeration plant at Coopers Brewery’s new Regency Park malting plant. $63 million malting plant in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

The plant is the largest single spend in Coopers’ history and is expected to open late in 2017, aimed produce around 54,000 tonnes of malt annually, with two thirds available for export.

Bermuda Beer Shortage!

I want to give this more of a look in the next week and reached out to a few of our beer geek friends on the island, but apparently Bermuda Import and Export Company Ltd, the distributor of Beck’s on the island of Bermuda, has been tight-lipped about the reported shortages.  

A number of popular beers on the island, are in short supply, according to some retailers who have run out of stock.

Impending doom?  shipping issues?  A great opportunity for local brewers to step in?  We’ll continue to follow the story into the New Year

An Oh-So-Humble Au Revoir

That’s it for recent events, I'd like to give a special thank you to the BrewDog team for finally making a coconut beer! and, as usual knocking it outta the park! can’t wait to have these in France on the regular. Karim you rule, everyone on the discord channel, thank you for keeping me sane with insane meme’s and to everyone who tunes in, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND SHARING! I create the kinda videos I want to watch, but it wouldn’t be any fun without you - beer friends forever. 

<3 BFF <3