Hi I’m Nitch, like bitch, only with an N.




No relation to Nietzsche.

It’s a childhood nickname and it comes from the fact that my name is spelt N I C H O L E. My Mom still calls me Nitcholee, and I respond equally to Nitch or Nichole.

I’m a permanent Aquarius, who often acts like a total Gemini, and I’ve always been the girl with the can in her hand.

I’ve always been a drinker, but it wasn’t always beer.

It wasn't always beer, but it was always a party

The smell of a classic lager beer reminds me of my Dad’s house. A man cave heavily coated in awesome single dude things, like Van Halen records, heaps of high tech devices, barbecue briquettes, mix matched dishes and an endless supply of Bud Light boxes to build forts with. 

The first time I consciously decided to drink a beer and be cool like my Dad: Bud Light from the can. It tasted like weak old corn flakes and carbonated spinach greens. Although I completely loathed the taste, I had learned that it was the effect the adults were after and I agreed that there must be something magical about this witch’s brew to make it worth the repeated palate beating.

Through most of my growing life I saw alcohol as just that- a means to alter reality.
Later with a briefcase of alcohol skills, I found my way into bartending which gave me a snobbish understanding of why good liquors were more expensive, and how alcohol could turn the most attractive club kitten into a slobbering, smeared make up mess. I could sling $25 cocktails but at the end of my day, television remote in hand, I sipped a beer with a net value of $1. But what I was drinking wasn’t all that important.

Then I was shown the light.

In my early 20’s my eyes were opened and my heart-strings pulled when I realized that my childhood love of malty smells could be coupled with an appreciation for the substance of my youth in a new global movement: craft beer. The variety of flavors, the art of brewing, and social, environmental and consumer movements that accompanied the growing scene. Once my consciousness was expanded it was like finding Jesus or grasping Quantum Mechanics- THERE WAS HOPE FOR THE WORLD YET!

Long roads later, here I sit, with a full dedication to home brewing and a desire to share my new found understanding.

It isn’t just the beer itself that inspires me. There is a culture, an art and an odd side of the beer society that once seen can never be shaken off.

Let us surround ourselves with this Fermenting Revolution by empowering women to take back a centuries old custom, by returning to our community roots and getting our hands in the dirt and by teaching our next generation that alcohol isn’t just a cheap, socially acceptable drugbut a gift. A natural christmas present from the divine that not only has inspired humanity to great lengths but possibly, has been the driving force behind some of our grandest developments.


Most importantly, lets spread the word that beer can be savoured and appreciated because it IS GOOD, although we may not be.