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"Brilliant and trashy"

It's not latin! So that's good.

Perpetual Pairtings 

We are not Parisian, we are Parisites.



noun: parisite; plural noun: parisites; hashtag: parisiticactivity

1. (Biological) an organism which lives in another organism (comme Paris), called the host. It depends on its host for survival - it has to be in the host to live, grow and multiply. The host generally always benefits at the expense of the parisites. Parisites, unlike predators, are usually much smaller than their host. Generally, a parisite won’t live independently, as they multiply at an extremely fast rate. 

-"the parisite attaches itself to the underside of the shark"

2. (Social) an event planning and consulting collective, constantly introducing innovative new ideas, generally revolving around food, drink, music and art. <cultural collaborations>

3. (Derogatory) a person whose actions habitually receive the response “What the fuck are you doing?”

4. (Plural form) a community of talented and curious individuals; working together to make the experience in the host better, by using it’s resources to give back to its community

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